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Am I an Adult Child? What is ACA? What is the ACA solution?



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What is An Adult Child?

The ACA was founded on the belief that family dysfunction is a disease that infected us as children and affects us as adults. Our membership also includes adults from homes where alcohol or drugs were not present; however, abuse, neglect or unhealthy behavior was.

Adult children attempt to meet the demands of life using survival techniques we learned as children. As such, we unknowingly operate with ineffective thoughts and judgments that can sabotage our decisions and relationships.

Upcoming Events

You are welcome to attend any of our many helpful, meaningful workshops and events. Many members find attending or serving ACA workshops to be an invaluable effort towards their recovery.

Talk by Charlie H. at the ACA WSO Annual Business Conference

ACA’s Annual Business Conference (ABC), is the annual gathering of delegates from ACA groups and intergroups to transact the business of ACA.

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Information for all ACA’s

The mission of the Lone Star ACA Intergroup is to support member groups by using our combined experience, strength, hope, help, and support to make ACA recovery available to all adult children in Texas.

The Lone Star Intergroup is a forum composed of representatives from our affiliated groups to conduct ACA business in support of these groups.
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